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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976, Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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Latest News about Development to the Old St Georges Main Building   Here
St Georges Building Amended 1



A Very Interesting Article about the History of our old Hospital
“A Brief History Of Staffordshire Lunatic Asylum”

© Rebecca Wynter 2010/11- University of Birmingham


Some of your Recent Pictures, Bordered Temporarily in red, on the Relevant Pages


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Newsletter 011 © Courtesy of Staffs Newsletter - Therapist Mandy Archer, Queen of Clubs £150 cheque for Patient Handbells set, 1983

 Uploaded  10/09/2015    See  Here



 Some of your Recent Anecdotes – See More of these Here


(25/07/15)   An Uncomfortable Start – by Bill Sim . . .

(03/08/2015)   A Strange Dance – by Roy Shirley . . .

(17/08/15)   Whistling, Fire-Hoses and Perceived Reputations – by Brian Simms . . .


Notes About Comments  –  etc.

Describing a Hospital’s life and care of it’s People throughout it’s long history, on an Open, Public-Access Site, can raise some Sensitive Issues.
We also have very Individual perceptions of these Old Places and People. Some of them may be Positive, some of them may Not always be so.
The Site will always attempt to reflect – these Issues and Differing Viewpoints –  in as Acceptable a way as possible.
In recognition of the above, please, try to be – Respectful of it’s People –  if I have missed anything untoward please  Contact  me.

Comments for On Site Publication – Related to the Site and it’s Contents – are for Recollections of Personal Experiences and or Perceptions.
These add extra Personal Authenticity, hopefully bringing more Variety and Colour to the Site. They are very Welcome and much Appreciated.
It’s always Good-to-Say-Hello, but for Longer-Chats / Personal-Conversations, Please – See the  Contact  Facilities


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204 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Brian said:

    Yes Doug
    I have much the same feelings about what sits in the grounds now, even though we need to use old sites like this to build on rather than true greenfield spaces, sign of the times.
    I’m just hoping that they will retain the commanding facade of the old Main Building. It was always such an imposing landmark and triggers lots of memories for many people. My memories stretch back from before I worked there. As a local, I also wandered and played in these grounds throughout my childhood.
    We’ll see.

  2. David Johnson said:

    Although I left St Georges very soon after qualifying I love reading the website, particular the comments from people I worked with. I think we are very lucky to have Brian to run it and we should all make sure not only do we read it but add our comments. Having not lived in Stafford for more years than I care to mention, it is lovely to be able to get on site and think about the past.
    Thank you Brian for all your hard work in producing “aturnofthekey”. I know it is not easy because you do it after her indoors has given you your daily domestic duties, especially the washing up. Not an easy job.

  3. SEE latest LINK above to Development of the OLD MAIN BUILDING
    It looks as though they are keeping the Facade as-was – instantly recognisable – hopefully

      WHAT DO YOU THINK ? ? ?

  4. Another Photo Uploaded from our friends at Staffs Newsletter

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