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Memories of the old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995 and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976 – Stafford

A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud, old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

This Web- Site is for All who may have been involved with, Providing and/or Accessing throughout the years, any of the facilities
of these two Old, Local Hospitals. This includes All grades of Ex-Staff, Volunteers, Ex-Patients and their Relatives. Also for the
People of Stafford and Surrounding Area, and Far Beyond, who may have an interest in what these Old Places were all about.
Enquiries can also be made to me Privately. Get in touch via the Contact page and I promise I will do my best to help.

I hope this Site and it’s Contents are put together in as Sensitive a way as is possible – Please feel free to tell me if you think otherwise.

Many sincere thanks to all who have helped me with encouragement, advice, and their trust in me to share all of their donations of images, reminiscences, anecdotes, stories etc., towards this Collection of Memories, for everyone to see – I could not have done it without you.
It’s continued development depends – Very Much on You – through your Donations of  Images, Suggestions, Comments, Anecdotes etc.
All of these add extra layers to the  varied and vibrant record of these, our, old hospitals – so Please, Keep them Coming.

Explore the Site – Participate – Reminisce – Share Those Memories – Tell Others About It – Thank You, Brian Simms.

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Some of your Anecdotes

Uploaded 14/01/15 – “Washing up Quietly“- Memories of my early start”- As a Cadet Nurse  by – Ian Ward. .

Uploaded 18/01/15 – “Taking a break”  for Milk Shakes and Biscuits – by Martin Garvey . .

See “Anecdotes” Page for More of these – and – Please “Contact” me with Your Stories to Share

List of  Current Donors

Peter Anthony – Anne Appleby – John Aris – Sue Astle-Kath Cox – Trisha Hayward – Tony Lakin
Chris Peet – Beryl Sandy – Roy Shirley – Bill Sim – Brian Simms – Ian Ward – Jeanette Watson
Kevin McConville – Phillip Warelow – Eddy Hood – Mary Balahura – Geoff Dewsbury
Margaret Dooley – Mark Melvin – The
Staffordshire Newsletter – An Anonymous Donor
Dave Plant – David Johnson – Philip Locke – Doug Endean – Martin Garvey

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160 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Many thanks Ian(Ward) for contacting me re: your early Memories on League Of Friends Ward, not very “Politically Correct” for these days, but funny and a good flavour of it’s era.
    I have placed it on the “Anecdote” Page.

  2. Thank you Martin (Garvey) for your Anecdote – much appreciated.
    I have placed it on the “Anecdote” page.

  3. Roy Shirley said:

    I enjoyed reading Ian’s anecdote of League of Friends Ward and it bought back memories of that ward when Phil McVay’s father was Charge Nurse.

  4. Yes Roy – It’s good to read other peoples memories – often bringing back those forgotten ones of your own. Great stuff.

    There were many Hundreds of people who worked at the old place and yet we’ve only had around Eight or so Anecdotes.
    Many of them are still around, know about, and visit the the Site.

    I wonder why that is ?

  5. Roy Shirley said:

    I have lots of anecdotes about my 9 years at St. Georges and I still remember lots were told to me about the old staff. Perhaps I will have to send you a few.

  6. lots of ghost stories , !!!!especially. Fred on Palmer ward!!!!! and peg leg on G2 coton hill!!!!wonder if he still haunts the new general hospital???

  7. Thanks Kath and Roy – always willing to contribute – Send them in.

    There must be memories from lots of ex colleagues who worked there.

    To all of you out there somewhere – Please Share them with all of us.

  8. SAD NEWS – Have just read in the Stafford Newsletter – Trevor Harrison, one of our well known older colleagues has passed away.
    Funeral at Stafford Crematorium next Thursday 12th March at 2.30pm. Flowers are welcome.

  9. Very sad news regarding Trevor, although he must have been an impressive age. He was one of my first year tutors, alongside Tony McCoy, Jim Reid and Heather Blacker.

    His son started as a Student Nurse in about 1978, but I have no idea what became of him

  10. Phil Warelow said:

    I was saddened to hear of Trevor’s passing. He was such a good man. A good teacher, a wealth of wisdom and a very cynical sense of humour. The world will be not quite as good without him.
    Brian, if you get chance – my condolences to his family. Regards

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