Welcome to-aturnofthekey-Memories of the old  St.Georges and Coton Hill Hospitals-Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud, old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

This Web – Site is Open To All who may have been involved with Providing and/or Accessing throughout the years, any of the facilities of
these two Old, Local Hospitals. This includes All grades of Ex-Staff, Volunteers, Ex-Patients and their Relatives. There also appears to be a
number of People from the Stafford Area and beyond, Young and Old, who have an interest in what these Old Places were really all about.

I hope this Site and it’s Contents are put together in as Sensitive a way as is possible – Please feel free to tell me if you think otherwise.

Many sincere thanks to all who have helped me with encouragement, advice, and their trust in me to share all of their donations of images, reminiscences, anecdotes, stories etc., towards this Collection of Memories, for everyone to see – I could not have done it without them.

It’s continued development depends  -  Very Much on You  -   through your Donations of  Images, Suggestions, Comments, Anecdotes etc.
All of these add extra layers to the  varied and vibrant record of these, our, old hospitals - So Please, Keep them Coming.
Explore the Site – Participate – Reminisce – Share Those Memories – Tell Others About It – Brian Simms.

I hope you Enjoy the Site,  But -  If You Notice Anything Untoward  – Please “Contact” Me


Some Recent Photos -  Identified – Temporarily by  Red - Frames - Across the Site

Hover over Photos for Donor ID, Info., etc.  -   Left Click to Enlarge

Uploaded -26th June 2014          See  Staff Events ” Club ”  page

Bernie’s Double Celebration 1983
Newsletter 007 © Courtesy of Staffs Newsletter - Bernadette (Bernie) Loughman - Picked as Miss St Georges 1983 for Queen of Clubs Competion on her Hen-Night

Copyright © to all Images is acknowledged as being retained by the Donor unless otherwise stated


If You have any Photos relevant to the Site – Please “Contact” Me

Some of your Anecdotes

“The Mortuary Goose”  -  A Personal Experience   by – David Johnson. .

See “Anecdotes” Page for More of these – and – Please Send me Your Stories to Share

List of  Current Donors

Peter Anthony – Anne Appleby – John Aris – Sue Astle-Kath Cox – Trisha Hayward – Tony Lakin
Chris Peet – Beryl Sandy – Roy Shirley – Bill Sim – Brian Simms – Ian Ward – Jeanette Watson
Kevin McConville – Phillip Warelow – Eddy Hood – Mary Balahura – Geoff Dewsbury
Margaret Dooley – Mark Melvin – The
Staffordshire Newsletter – An Anonymous Donor
Dave Plant – David Johnson – Philip Locke

128 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Brian
    Kevin McConville informed me that Mick Nixon (Magnus) had passed away. I was saddened to hear of this. He was such a good man – always too much to say but done with his own impeccable (Monty Python) sort of way. Love to Di and his family. He will be sadly missed. Regards Phil Warelow

  2. Yes – always sad to lose one of our own – and at such an early age. Condolences to all the family.

  3. Phil Warelow said:

    Despite trying I still haven’t managed to get in touch with Brian Hartill.
    Is there anyway you can either supply his email or give him mine please.

  4. Phil requested Email address on it’s way to you – privately – Not via the Comments Box

  5. Siobhan annabel said:

    Hi did any one know a doctor called Enrique mateu ??

  6. Doug Endean said:

    Got that awful feeling of distress and shock when I read Phil’s note that Mick had passed away. I did have contact with him a few years ago and he visited me with Di for a weekend. We’re looked in on him in Stafford then lost contact again. Last time we spoke was when he rang me to let me know Pat Bourke has passed away. What a bugger eh. Our love to Di and family.
    Odd that there is a question about Enrique Mateu as Mick and I worked with him in Milford Ward in 77/78 with Mick Morgan. Good times and a great doctor to work with.

  7. Dave Newman said:

    Blimey. There are some names on here from the past and a picture of Bernie as well :-)

  8. Further to Siobhan and Doug’s comments above – some references can be found to Dr Enrique Mateu-Lopez on Google.

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