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236 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Phil Warelow said:

    Dear Brian
    Thanks for letting us know about Stan. A good man – what a loss.
    Like for the rest of us St G’s was such a special place ( as his daughter said).
    Ian Ward and I talk about it always.
    Incidentally, I have just retired after 45 years.

  2. Roy Shirley said:

    It only seems like yesterday when that fresh faced lad called Philip Warelow, with his sidekick Ian ward started as cadets on League of Friends Ward. Congratulations on your retirement Phil

    • Received today from Peter Wood via the Contact Me facility.

      Good Morning. I stumbled across this website yesterday and this brought back lots of memories. I was a Nursing Officer at St. Georges from 1976 to 1979. It was a very friendly place to work and it is so sad to see what has happened to the place. My wife also worked at St Georges as a medical secretary her name is Sue Wood. Although we live in Norfolk we have moved a lot in the 47 years I have worked in the NHS. I am still going through the website and names still pop out which triggers of those days. I will write some more later. Best wishes to all of you and hope to make contact with some of you that may remember me. Best Wishes

  3. Doug Endean said:

    Congratulations Phil on your retirement but if my own experience is anything to go by the work starts now. I retired several years ago and now get no days off, holidays are without pay, I seem to work bank holidays and weekends as well as week days. If for some reason I find I have no plans to actually do something Germaine will get out the famous list, you know the one that every wife has, and there you go I’m busy. To tell the truth I would not have it any other way. I love the fact that in general I do what I want when I want with only Germaine to put me in my place. I mess about with the house, have 4 cars and a Honda C90 ( I must get it on the road this coming year ) to play with. If I remember correctly Ian once told me you had a Harley, it’s time to get them tattoos and torn greasy jeans on and get down to K Mart for the weekly shop.

  4. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Doug
    thanks for your comments and you are not wrong about remaining busy. I haven’t stopped as of yet. I do have a Harley sportster which is nice and a couple of old cars – all needing attention. Fiona is now starting to return to her paid career and so I get to do the house husband role. Not sure how I feel about that yet.
    Good to hear you are well.

  5. Phil Warelow said:

    G’day Roy
    still feel like that fresh faced lad and it is odd that was 45 years ago. Ian Ward looks about 80 now whereas I still retain that youthful (almost Robbie Mullen) look.
    What did happen to Graham Simpson?

  6. Roy Shirley said:

    Mind you Phil,Ian always did look older than you,an advantage when you are young not as you get older! I wish I knew what happened to Graham he moved to Sussex and I lost his address

  7. Doug Endean said:

    Hi Phil
    I spent a few years as a house husband cleaning and shopping so can offer a little advice. If you don’t already have one get a Dyson with the various helpful attachments especially for dusting, it will save you hours and when you get bored you can pretend you have a light sabre with the tube which is especially good when there is a fly in the room. Shopping can be great as you loose the “list” and buy all the stuff you want to eat no matter how bad it might seem for you. This has two benefits, one you are given permission to continue to do the shopping or two you are banned totally and your wife does it herself after work and get to go out on the Harley instead, win win. I nearly had a Harley Sportster when I retired but the salesman would not let me test drive it on the main road and expected me to buy it after a couple of trips around the car park and a slip road, na. I have a couple of MGB’s, one GT which I fully restored and use regularly and a roadster which I am doing a V8 conversion on. I have a MG TF as well as there was a space on the drive next to our day car which is a simple Mazda 3. The GT will be up for sale soon to fund the fancy bits I need for the V8. We also have a holiday lodge that we rent out but that’s also going up for sale this year as the tax man is not very friendly and is taking lots of money from the meagre profits but is never there when there is work to be done.
    Give Ian my best when you next speak to him. Finally, and this is also for Roy, I think I may have seen Graham Simpson on Crime Watch when they showed an item on the big safety deposit box heist by all them pensioners.
    All the best

  8. Roy Shirley said:

    I don’t think it would have been Graham, Doug, because Graham never moved quick and it would have took him a week not a weekend to move just one of the safety deposit boxes!

  9. Ian Ward said:

    I take umbrage at being called the older looking one because in reality we all know who has to wear the support clothing. Dougie pay no attention to Warelow and Roy for that matter. I thought we were old mates Roy!

  10. roy shirley said:

    I meant no offence Ian, perhaps I should have said mature, which when I last saw you, would have been a compliment, perhaps not now though!!

  11. Doug Endean said:

    Gentlemen I think that you will agree that St George’s produced many of the worlds oldest teenagers of which I’m sure we all are. I am now 64 years young as of last Saturday, my thoughts and plans for the future are dependent on me remaining forever young and only subject to failure should the body I am housed in give up on me. Thanks to me setting no time penalties on anything I do I cruise along only suffering aches and pains when I should have used some else’s muscles or a mechanical aid to complete a task. My greatest problem is with all the things I get up to I suffer from benign incessent forgetfulness as Brian will tell you as I had forgotten who he was when I first came upon this site. A little memory jog and it was there, clear as day who he is and where I met him. Now, what was I saying. Oh yes, friends live long and prosper.
    And to end, have you retire yet Ian?

  12. Hey Guys – Enough is Enough,

    We are just in to the New Year, and about the latter half of the Comments so far, appear to be developing into another Long Personal Conversation, – yet again – See 4/8/15 to 14/8/15 – this, despite “Notes About Comments” and relevant Comments on the Home page.
    Those of us who have a history with the Old Place and it’s People, may find these chats to be humorous and maybe have some relevance. There are however, many other people viewing the Site regularly who, for one reason or another may well not have that personal connection.
    Most of these regular Site Visitors, know about the Site Guidelines and Notes, and courteously use them on the Site in recognition of such.
    Some of them find these longer chats somewhat uninteresting and possibly tedious to read – putting them off from visiting the Site regularly.
    Social Media Sites, Facebook/Twitter etc. serve this kind of Ongoing Interaction well, for those who need it, as do Phone/Texts and Email.

    So Guys, In the spirit of this – don’t get carried away with chats – please exercise some restraint – remember
    It’s OK to say Hello or for a Quick Catch Up – but Please Do Not use the Comments Facility for “Longer-Personal-Conversations” See the Contact Page

  13. PHIL warelow said:

    Wardy retired in 1977!!

    Happy birthday Doug.

  14. Douglas Endean said:

    Thanks Phil
    Sorry Brian.

  15. OK Doug – Only 12 months to O.A.Pension (taxable)-but some way to go yet to catch up with me ! !

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