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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976, Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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  22/01/2017   – 
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newsletter-015-© courtesy-of-staffordshire-newsletter-st-georges-in-staffordshire-amateur-league-1969

Uploaded     08/02/2017    A selection of New Pics from “Place and People” page

 philipl-007-secretary philipl-006-domestics-in-new-canteen philipl-012-9v-ot-dept philipl-011-office-worker
 philipl-019-eric-feeding-the-incinerator-infected-waste philipl-017-workshop-eric-talking-to-rev-langstaff philipl-020-boilers




 Some of your Recent Anecdotes – See More of these Here


(08/02/2017)    A  Boilerman’s Dilemma– Folklore ? Retold  by – Brian Simms





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277 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Jon Cowin said:

    What is the photo featuring the well known paedophile, and prolific sexual abuser sav-VILE?

  2. mistytiger1 said:

    Well it looks like it’s up to me to start the New Year with a comment as alls gone quiet so Happy New Year to all the sites reader and all my old friends. Now some time ago I mentioned my pension, well I am just a few days away from actually making it to 65 and looking forward to getting my state pension before it gets stopped altogether, you may think I’m joking but ask our friends in Australia about how the men in charge have messed about with the state pension scheme. I had to ring and request my pension as they failed to make contact with me. I did a telephone application and found that my pension is around £32 a week down because of my occupational pension so for those who are yet to reach the pensionable age set for them don’t plan to many trips just yet.
    On a different note has the main building reached the stage of having faults to view yet? I don’t get to Stafford much now but do plan to visit the County Asylem Flats when they are finished, the description given being one I got from a spoon when working St George’s all them years ago.

  3. Doug Endean said:

    The last comment was from me, Doug Endean. I will find out how to get my name to appear on my contributions, maybe it will this time.

  4. New Pic from Staffs Newsletter uploaded – Football faces from 47 Years ago ! ! !

  5. Roy Shirley said:

    wonderful photo with a lot of familiar faces, as you indicated, it’s hard to believe it was taken nearly 50 years ago

  6. A New batch of pics uploaded today – thank you Phil.

  7. A New Anecdote also uploaded today

  8. Philip Locke said:

    your welcome Brian

  9. David T Johnson. said:

    Hi Brian, Nice to see the photograph of the football team you put on the site on 22.01.2017. It brought back so many memories of past colleagues such as Gerry, Bill, Fergus, Geoff and Robert. Hope you are better soon.

  10. Glenys Ebenezer said:

    Hi everyone it was great to see photos of my aunty shirley.By the way anyone no geoff dewsbury phone number vic sargeant is trying to get intouch

  11. Hi Glenys – I’ve been in touch to put them in contact with each other.

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