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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976, Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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317 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Jon Cowin said:

    R.I.P. Don, very sad to hear this news, you were one of the good ones. I have fond memories of you and Alan Astle, when you both ran Brocton Ward for many years, good times…..

  2. Doug Endean said:

    I’m sorry to hear that Don has passed on to meet our other mates in the sky, all to many of them. Don and I used to train (karate then Kung fu ) with Mick Boey in the lounge room of the nurse home. I remember how much he used to sweat and that was just taking his shoes off before a session. Another good bloke. If either Ian or Phil are in touch with Mick Boey I know he would be grateful to hear so he can say one for Don as I lost touch many years ago.

  3. Doug Endean said:

    I had a pension forecast and will be £30 a week down under the new state pension arrangements. Thank you George.

  4. Roy Shirley said:

    Join the club Doug

  5. Rachel Hughes said:

    My name is Rachel (Chackett) and I lived at the old nurses home in1978, when I started my training at the SGI.
    I remember two student nurses from St Georges, one named Charlie and another who went by the name of Randy. I often wonder what happened to them. They lived in the rooms near to me but I left the nurses home in 1979.
    Does anybody know? Happy days in nursing!

  6. PHIL Warelow said:

    Could be Charles Ayirebi (not sure the spelling is right) and possibly Randy Salmon.
    Regards Phil Warelow

  7. Rachel said:

    Thanks Phil. (Sorry Brian, don’t want to start a conversation on here). Charlie was a blonde haired chap who likes to practice his yoga. If it is the right Randy, he was a black guy and was courting a staff nurse from the SGI.
    Lovely people.

  8. Hi Rachel, no need for apologies as saying-hello and catching-up are part of what the Site is for. I think Phil is correct in terms of Randy Salmon. He has not as yet, had a presence on here, but he is on Facebook – and Yes he was a nice guy.

  9. Jon Cowin said:

    The other guy won’t be Charles Ariyebi. He is also black, I remember him as a cool dude. Randall (Randy) Salmon will be right. No idea who the blond yoga dude might be…..

  10. Philip Locke said:

    Randy Salmon has just retired from st georges iv known him all my working life , very nice chap and well respected

  11. I can’t quite imagine Randy as a Pensioner – still think of him as he was in ’76/’77 in Hotchkiss Ward – but I hope he enjoys and makes the most of his well earned retirement.

  12. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Brian,
    as you say hard to imagine Randy retiring – not really the walking stick type. Best of luck Randy.
    Incidentally, I saw Paul Kingston at Chester University when I visited England in 2015. We reminisced about Cowcill ward days in the mid 1980s. Phil Warelow

  13. See recently uploaded interesting old photos

  14. Roy Shirley said:

    Hello Brian
    Those old photos you have put on are wonderful. Where have you got them from?
    The first one looks like a ward at Coton Hill,the other looks like one of the female ward at St Georges,ward 9 or 10?

  15. Hi Roy,

      As Always, Everywhere on the Site – Hover Cursor over Photo for I.D. and Info.

    Yes, some characterful faces there and it’s intriguing trying to date these early pics accurately especially the Pavilion with Cricketers.

    These Photos are apparently Copied from Framed Pictures. They were identified on border, at bottom right corner
    of each Picture Frame as –
    Farmer Ward Male 8 – The Pavilion – Female TB Ward 9v.

    Like many others they were gratefully received from an “Anonymous Donor”

  16. Interesting photos!! I just remember that demise of the female TB unit in the early 60s!! Worked on there with Sister Murphy

  17. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Brian, those photographs are fantastic.
    Incidentally, some years ago I asked about using the main picture of St Georges in a book chapter I was involved in.
    The publisher stuffed up for the second edition and used the wrong picture (so it was changed at the last minute). Subsequently, the book is in thrid edition and this time I want to try and get a picture of St Georges in the edition. I’ve suggested the picture that heads aturnofthekey – what do you think?

  18. Yes Phil it was a disappointing screw up in 2014 but we can try again – hopefully – for this edition.
    We will use my copy of the Original Photo as the Header Picture is much cropped to fit it’s position.
    Just head over to your own Inbox for details.

  19. Roy Shirley said:

    Hi Brian and Phil
    Looking again I recognised Farmer ward. Do you think it was some official visit the staff had their jackets over their white coats? Phil which of many books is this you are inquiring about?

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