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324 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Brian said:

    Well, here we are again, the start of another New Year – and another year older . Where does time go ?
    It seems to stealthily slip by and catch me unawares .
    Is that because I’m getting and generally feeling older by the minute – is my perception of time changing ?
    Maybe I should give up watching Dr Who !
    It has not been a particularly good year for me and my good lady , but we are still on the right side of the grass and trying to be optimistic.
    Anyway, I do hope you all had a good Christmas and that 2018 will be a better year for all of us .

    Happy New Year


  2. David T Johnson. said:

    Hi Brian
    Thank you for your good wishes.
    To be honest with you Brian I think it IS old age. I was horrified when they wrote to me to say when I would get my old age pension, mortified when they said I was entitled to a bus past. I am now suicidal that at the age of 75 this year, they to say I get a free television license.
    My body is not working properly, you know what I mean. To top it all I met an old colleague whom I worked with in 1989, his exact words were “God David Johnson I thought you were dead”. Life is not fair when your hair goes grey/white and your teeth belong to someone else.
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone.
    Best Wishes
    David Johnson

  3. Roy Shirley said:

    Hello Brian I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I’m a mere youngster at 68 compared to you and David. But every year seems to bring more physical problems,what with a triple heart bypass and cataracts removed,last year was another year of bits of my body being investigated.
    Still always hopeful of a healthy and happy new year

  4. Happy new year to All,
    We really have to form a n old codgers club, I spend hours scouring , my old photos,,and sometimes feel quite lonely ,most of my old workmates have now gone,as you say,the years just creep up on you,
    What friendships we formed,working at st Georges,the modern university trained nurses will never , understand the bonds we formed , in what they are told were the awful Asylums of the past ,,,,
    Alf,and myself owe our lives to the Buckinghamshire hospitals last two years, Harefiield, and Wrexham park, and The John Radcliffe at oxford, surgeons ,gave us a chance of a few more years, or maybe months together
    We have enjoyed Christmas, and new year with our families,who now we appreciate, more than ever
    Nice to hear from you, we wish you health,and happiness in the year ahead
    kath,and Alf Cox

  5. Ian Ward said:

    Hi Brian I hope 2018 is a great year for you and your wife. Keep up the Stirling work on the site. Best Wishes Ian

  6. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Brian, Ian Ward informed me that he had heard that Brian Hartill had passed away. Do you have any information? I was saddened by this and wish condolences to his family.

  7. Hello Phil –
    I have no knowledge of this and wouldn’t like to speculate on the Site. If I do I hear anything official I will let everyone know – here as usual.

  8. Phil Warelow said:

    I agree about not speculating. I heard about this via Ian Ward via Howard Russell. I hope it is not accurate. I haven’t heard from Brian for well over a year. Would be grateful for information if you find out anything. I believe Brian had been in a hospice – something like St Katherine’s.

  9. Phil Warelow said:

    Hi Brian, it appears to be true. Had a funeral notification from Emerey’s from Howard Russell. 17/01/18

  10. Sadly it is true that Brian Hartill has passed away – I have spoken to Emerys Undertakers this morning for confirmation.
    The Funeral will be at Stafford Crematorium on Wednesday 17th January at 3.30pm – with the request for Family Flowers only – but Donations for Katherine House Hospice and Motor Neurones Disease Association will be very welcome.

    My condolences to all his family.

  11. Phil Warelow said:

    Brian, sadly our dear mate Hartill has left us. I do not have contact details of his family but send my condolences to them at this time. Will not be able to make his funeral but would hope those attending will pass on my thoughts. RIP Brian.

  12. Philip Warelow said:

    Have we stopped posting to this site? Haven’t seen future posts since my lst one on January 6th

  13. Philip Warelow said:

    Hi Brian,
    I heard from Alan this morning via Facebook that John Grobnik had passed away.
    Have you heard anything? Phil

  14. Hi Phil,
    As usual awaiting some Official verification before I put anything up on the site.

  15. david newman said:

    Make sure when you get confirmation you use the word “—-” in the announcement. it’s what he would have wanted :-)

  16. Lynda Ryder said:

    Hi, just found this page. Fabulous..

  17. Sad confirmation to previous comments about our old colleague John Grobnik with Condolences to Elsie, Alan and family.

    A Notice in the Staffordshire Newsletter states that he passed away at home on the 23rd March aged 82.
    Funeral will be at 1 p.m. on Wednesday 18th April at Stafford Crematorium – Family Flowers only please
    Donations if desired to Macmillan Nurses.

  18. Roy Shirley said:

    I’m so sorry to hear of the death of John Grobnik. Always a good person to have with you when on night duty

  19. Just received this enquiry via Contact Me: from JO MORGAN

    Subject: Info on Uncle Samuel Harpin

    Hi – Do you have any info on Sam Harpin. Long term resident from about 1940 and died either in the 1970s or later. He trained as a chef or gardener and was committed to Stafford Asylum (St Georges) he was hospitalised about 1974 after a fight where he fell through a window. Any info would be great as I am trying to piece together info for mum’s family tree. I am happy to have email address publicised on website. Thanks in advance.

    If you can help with any Info – please contact Jo as below –

    Email: jo.morgan1975@sky.com


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