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325 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Leitenberger Benjamin said:

    My grandfather Herbert Broemel, passed away on Dec. 1 this year for any one who wants to give their love and condolences to my granny Joyce Broemel the funeral will take place Thursday 13.Dec 10 am Stafford crematorium . They both worked most of their live at St G’s. I think it would be be great for my granny to see some faces she knows.

  2. Ian Ward said:

    Benjamin your grandfather was one of the first charge nurses I met at St. George’s when I started my training in 1971. A calm, quiet and patient man who helped me take my first faltering steps in the profession of psychiatric nursing. He was a very positive influence on me. My condolences to your family.
    Ian Ward, Adelaide South Australia.

  3. Philip Warelow said:

    Hi Benjamin, Bert and to a lesser degree Joyce we’re both significant in my career into mental health. Bert, was one of the charge nurses on Palmer Ward where I also started my career. I like Ian Ward also live in Australia, so will be unable to pay my respects to your Grandad. Please say g’day to Joyce for me and let her know that from afar Bert’s contribution is/was noteworthy. Regards Phil Warelow

  4. Roy Shirley said:

    Hello Benjamin. I find myself agreeing with my old friends Ian and Phil as far Berts influence on my early career. The first ward I was based on was Palmer Ward with your grandfather. He was an excellent charge nurse and I will never forget the mid morning coffee break and my first introduction to ground coffee,something I now drink a lot of.. Unlike Ian and Phil I don’t live in Australia,but Yorkshire so unable to come to the come to pay my respects. But please give my condolences and best wishes to Joyce

  5. We wish to send our condolances to Joyce and family
    Many fond memories of Bert,and Joyce at St George’s
    Alf and I,live in High Wycombe,both remember happy times spent together
    In Stafford
    Keep your chin up Joyce,and god bless

  6. Peter Wood said:

    Sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of Bert. I was his Nursing Officer in the late seventies.He was on Gailey ward. Exceptional high standards and the best nursing care.He was highly thought of.

  7. Received via Contact Me

    Hi there, I have been directed to this great site to see if I can reach any of my mothers old colleagues. Julie Roper was Whittle/Daly/Snape retires from St George’s as a nurse on 8th Feb after nearly 40 years service and I was hoping I could reach some of her ex colleagues to invite them to a party on the 8th Feb at st George’s social club at 7pm. Please contact me her daughter Gemma 07872037996. Thanks

  8. Peter Wood said:

    Hi Brian.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    I think the last post comment should be deleted.

  9. David Johnson said:

    I agree with Peter,
    David Johnson

  10. hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all.

    Thank you all for alerting me to the unwanted Comment/Post in question – I am sorry for it slipping through without being picked up by me.
    I have now deleted it and will have another look at my Site Security setup.

  11. Anthony Martin said:

    My father is Robert Martin and for a few years was married to Christine Walters( Martin ). I have only just recently started to ask my dad about his years working at St George’s hospital I can remember playing in there waiting for my dad to finish work. I have some memories of Coton hill hospital but there sad ones of my nan passing away there. My mum worked along the same road at a day centre but I can’t remember where or what it was called I also remember some giant tortoise on l
    one of the grounds again my memory isn’t brilliant and as I no longer talk to my mum I can’t ask her if she remembers

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  15. Peter Wood said:

    Hi Brian.
    Trust you are keeping well!
    The last message should be deleted.
    Best Wishes

  16. Lesley Bazargan said:

    Lovely to find this fond memories

  17. Natasha sheldon said:

    My grandmother, Lillian Heap was in St Georges from around 1946 until her death in early 1985. I’m desperately trying to find information on her so if there is anyone who remembers her, is love to hear from you.

  18. David Johnson said:

    It is with great sadness to I have been told of the passing away of Brian. His daughter Karen informed me today by email. My thoughts are with Sheila and her family. Rest In Peace. You will be sadly missed by us all.

  19. Roy Shirley said:

    I am so sad to hear this news. My sincere condolences to his wife and family. As David has said he will be missed by us all

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