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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976 Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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Coton Hill Hospital  1854 – 1976

Pages from an early, In-House, Coton-Hill  “Handbook of Regulations for Male Attendants” – Date-Mid to Late 1800’s – See Other Links page


During the 1920’s-1930’s this brochure was published for prospective clients


Many hundreds of Nurses, around the world, will remember their time spent here in the Nurse Training School. We were a mixed bag of nationalities, from all walks of  life, but were diligently steered through our courses with patience and good cheer by our Tutors. Many will especially remember with much affection, the  Principal  Nurse  Tutor  of many years,  –  Ivor Anthony – Seen below with his sporty Nash-Metropolitan and some of his 1950’s/60’s Class Groups

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Field Trip to the Sewage Works – Studying a “Shower of – Effluent”

Official recognition of Ward Refurbishments in early 1960’s

Other Photos from the 1960’s/1970’s

1970’s  Pageant Float



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