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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976, Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

Personal Information Research

Since opening the Site I have received requests from people, wishing to access information about their relatives who were patients in St Georges and/or Coton Hill hospitals, from as far afield as Australia. Sometimes despite the issues of confidentiality we can be of general help. However it is most often the case that, finding any ex staff who may have first or secondhand knowledge of the person involved, is a bit of a tall order. It is a regrettable fact that, the number of our members who are able and willing to help, seems to be diminishing at a rate of knots.

As a potential for more fruitful results – I always recommend and point people in the direction of – The “Staffordshire Record Office” The staff are knowledgeable and very helpful to people with their researches having the experience and information, should the trail go cold, enabling them to suggest other avenues for further research sources. Those who take this route usually find some success.

Despite both of these old Hospitals having long closed, and many records having been lost over the years, the surviving records have been brought together and stored in the “Staffordshire Record Office”. These include records of Admission, Discharge, Death, and a few medical Case Books. Some of these include patient photographs. There are some Access Restrictions for Personal Information – within 100 years. Proof of Relationship may be required, and there may also be some Costs involved for Research or Copies. The Staff deal with all enquiries sensitively.
They also cooperate with those in the William Salt Library next door in sharing their precious, carefully stored archive material for research.
You can try a search through the catalogue on Gateway to the Past although you will not be able to view any detailed Information On-line.
However – It will be much less time consuming, far more effective and preferable, to Contact the Record Office – Direct.
The Staff will be able to sort through what are the best sources, when you contact them with details of your personal search.

The Ancestry Website HERE now accessible from the “Record Office”, includes lists of all Inmates for the whole Country based on returns compiled by the Government, for the following sets of records: Lunacy Patients Admission Registers 1846-1912; Criminal Lunacy Warrant and Entry Books 1882-1898; Criminal Lunatics Confined in County and Licensed Lunatic Asylums 1800-1839. These Online Indexes give Asylum name, dates of Admission/Discharge/Death.

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The Record Office will be very pleased to hear about Other Surviving Records that have been Found and are still in Private hands “Whatever their Condition” and  “However they were Acquired” , If you know of any such “Rescued Records” ,  Contact them or me.

 Contact details as below

Staffordshire Record Office
Eastgate St
ST16 2LZ
General Opening Hours
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 9.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday – 9.00am – 7.00pm
Thursday – 9.00pm – 5.00pm
Friday – 9.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday – 9.00am – 1.00pm
01785 278379 – Archive enquiries
01785 278373 –  Appointments
01785 278380 –  Admin. enquiries
Email              –
Online Catalogue  “Gateway to the Past”

 Please mention this site – – as your Source of Referral when contacting them – it would be very helpful.
I do hope this will be of use to you in your research enquiries and any feedback about your results would be most welcome.
You may still of course, Contact me at any time via the WebSite, and I will do my best to help.

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