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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976 Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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St George’s Hospital  1818 – 1995


Subscriptions were collected for many years by C N Sid Attwood, who banked and looked after them meticulously. This primarily for funding towards our own hoped for Social Club. The Hospital Management Committee eventually agreed, to provide a suitable area of  land. They also promised to match us Pound for Pound, towards the cost of building the Social Club premises. It was eventually built in 1970, by local firm  Macbel, on the same site where it still stands and survives today. It has been extended and upgraded many times since, sometimes by Contractors, but very often by the good natured will and labour of our great Hospital-Artisan and other Staff  members. It  continues to provide a place to meet Socially and relax, for Club Events with Live Bands, Groups and Discos for Dances, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, Fancy Dress events etc.  Members Children’s Parties and Panto’s, Bingo, Quiz Nights, Race Nights and Hire for Private Celebrations. It has supported many Sporting Sections over the years including – Darts, Pool, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Karate,  etc.
These are a few photos taken at some of these Sports and Social Club events.

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Volunteer Builders Helping with Club Extension

Very Early Cricketers

Cricket Teams in the 1960’s

Guys V Gals 1970’s – Serious Stuff

1971 Friendly v Newsletter Staff – Result Unknown


Football Teams


                                                                                 Rugby Teams                                                                           


Darts Champions V  Club Players


Ladies Darts                                Pool Players

Our Man-On-The-Door

Just Relaxing
 BillS 014 Mary Balahura 1980's  


Bernie’s Double Celebration 1983

Halloween 1983

Tramps Supper

Xmas Party 1984


Xmas Party 1985


Travelling Panto’s – Late 1980’s

Club Stalwart 1989          Chairman 1990

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