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 Memories of Old St.Georges Hospital 1818-1995  and Coton Hill Hospital 1854-1976 Stafford
A shared record of the Life and Times of these once-proud Old Hospitals. 25/02/2012

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St George’s Hospital  1818 – 1995

Pages from early, In-House, St Georges “Handbook of Regulations for Male Attendants” – Date-Mid/Late 1800’s – See OTHER LINKS Page

This was still In-Use after 1923


Like any Hospital, ours required many disciplines and departments to provide the best facilities possible for Patient Care.
The Photos etc. included here are just a few views, throughout the years, of the People and the Place.

Some of these Photos may be missing one or more of the “W” factors – Where taken, When taken and What occasion.
If You Can Supply Any Missing Details Please Note The Photo ID NO. ETC. and Let Me Know So That I Can Update Them

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Dr Curran-Med.Super and Management Committee
Management Committee Rooms

Committee Members Through the Years
  Newsletter 008 © Courtesy of Staffs Newsletter- Harry Cliff, Hospital Secretary. From the late 60's, Group Secretary to all Hospitals in the Mid Staffs Group .


Chapel De-Consecration Service early 1990’s

Attics Dormitory 1950’s

Back On the Ground Floor
Main   Corridor                    Catering Department and various Staff              The Hall-Dining/Function Room

Opening League of Friends Ward and Alf Hardy’s Nature Trail

Nurse Cert.Present. 1960’s                   Nurse Recruitment Day 1960’s                

Nursing Groups Certificate Presentation 1979-Early-80’s

Staff Retirements and Presentations
EddyH 004 Retirement of - Matron - Miss Alan  Newsletter 012 © Courtesy of Staffs Newsletter - Plumber, Edgar Buckett, Retirement Gift Presentation - 1978


                             Staff on duty in and around the Hospital Through the Years

Very Early Photos

  anon-089-old-ground-floor-farmer-ward-male-8  anon-090-old-female-t-b-ward-9v




PeterA 015 IanW 006 - Petitioning the Public - Early 1970's

Some of our Vital Support – Staff – behind the scenes perhaps – but Not Forgotten

Various Therapy Staff
  Newsletter 011 © Courtesy of Staffs Newsletter - Therapist Mandy Archer, Queen of Clubs £150 cheque for Patient Handbells set, 1983

1990’s  St George’s Porters / Ambulance Service – Partnership – Ferrying Patients between
St David’s House, Wombourne and St George’s with a First Aid Certificated Porter as the Co-Man
    PhilipL 004 - DaveBennett,Amb.Driver,CliffGear,PhillipLocke - with Works Staff Robby Mullin and Alan Neal
  philipl-008-margo-rec-switch-operator philipl-007-secretary philipl-009-office-worker  philipl-011-office-worker philipl-010-office-worker
philipl-006-domestics-in-new-canteen philipl-005-domestic-supervisors-and-john-meigh philipl-021-geof-barwick-centre-catering-manager  philipl-012-9v-ot-dept
philipl-013-mick-riley philipl-014-works-storeman  philipl-015-workshop
philipl-016-leaving-do-in-the-workshop philipl-017-workshop-eric-talking-to-rev-langstaff philipl-018-workshop-rob-mullen
philipl-019-eric-feeding-the-incinerator-infected-waste philipl-020-boilers


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